Blue Blues

Hello errrybody!
Woohoo, Friday has finally arrived and a new post right there with it. (Pure double excitement, I know.)

So, to the content now! Today, I thought I would share another dose of my Swedish summer with y’all.

 ..School was about to end, summer was about to begin, it was time for me to test some new waters. I needed to find a challenge that would keep me occupied during the next months off school.

As I set this goal, out of nowhere, a job opportunity presented itself to me. It was both sudden and unexpected but I knew I couldn’t turn it down. Therefore, I booked a flight and a few weeks later, left home for a summer job in Sweden. Hence, I stayed all throughout the warm months (note: I use a phrase ‘warm months’ however, you, my fellow Swedes, or anyone who had been in the Stockholm archipelago at the time, knows that wasn’t the case and the phrase, unfortunately, doesn’t depict the reality at all! The weather there, as a matter of fact, had been pretty shitty an extreme majority of the time), arriving in Jun and leaving at the end of August.
My time there was split into sleeping, working and eating mostly (dem perks of being employed in a restaurant: food around at all times).

..Although, I wasn’t left with much down time because of my work duties I still couldn’t abandon my camera completely. And simply had to take it out of the shelf once in a while, snap something here and there.

So, here is the developed outcome. Enjoy, enjoy!
Also, have a great weekend and of course..


Love, Barbara



Branches and Shit






Evening View


Before We Fall Asleep

Dream Homes

Calm Before The Storm


Sea Mirrors


Rocks n Water

As The Sun Sets


Frutiy Fruit

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