MEET is an arena to inspire and motivate, initiated by my curious mind that loves exploring what others live by.

At the end of a week, on Sundays,  and in a fast fashion, I introduce to you a divergent human and little something from them. So that right before a fresh week hits the calendar we will have something to ponder the meaning of.
I will bring into the ring a new individual to give us a mini kick of inspiration by revealing a, for them, resonating quote/phrase/sentence. Something they come back to, something they remember, something they love to share.

Short, simple and stylish are what these posts will be about. Their Name in the title, followed by a Portrait to satisfy that visual hunger, finished by a Sentence they shared, written firstly in their mother tongue and then in English.
That is it. The rest is in your hands.
So please be my guest, get inspired for the week to come!
See you next Sunday!


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