It was the morning of New Year’s Day…well now that I think about it was probably more like noon or late afternoon as the celebrations during New Years Eve are never mild and I might have slept in a bit more than usual.

Anyway, so it was January 1, 2015 and as I woke up, I got this irrepressible desire to create a blog. Who knows why, maybe it had to do with the fact that it was the beginning of a new year; hence naturally I was reevaluating my life (as you do on that one day in a year) reflecting on what has happened, as well as thinking about what’s to come. 2014 had left me with so many dreams and goals and as I counted down the final days of the old year, I started thinking…what do I wish the next year to be about?

The answer was productivity! I wanted to use my time more efficiently, doing things I love, not letting myself fall into a state of laziness and instead try to be active. Therefore, despite the fact that I’m not that huge on New Year’s resolutions (but I generally like setting goals) I thought I would use 2015 as an excuse to force myself into a fresh challenge.

And so as all these what-I-wish-to-achieve-this-year thoughts where circling my mind, a concept of having a blog all the sudden sounded like a pretty great idea.

To be honest, it’s been a long time that I’ve had the concept of blogging occupying my mind but I never really felt like I had enough to say, or enough time to make it all happen.

Fast-forward to today (a.k.a. January) I simply said why not? Let me try this blogging thing everyone is so into these days and make it be that one new challenge of this year. Therefore, before my newly gained motivation could fade away I set the goal of turning this thought into reality and starting my own blog.

Yes, I know, I know, no need to tell me it’s basically Christmas already and I kinda suck at New Year’s resolutions but HEY! Even though this has taken me waaay longer than I initially envisioned the important thing is that right now I am present! I am here and I am ready to begin this fun project, anxiously writing my very first post, excited to finally welcome you to The Style Voyage – my creative outlet on life; a platform to document my traveling, cooking, dressing, creating, exploring, learning…and hopefully a place which will inspire you.

Moral of the story: better late then never!.. Right?

Talk to you again very soon
Until then

Love, Barbara

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