Two Sides, One Cover

Today, I’m sharing with you coverage of my experience at The London Design Festival. For those of you who don’t know, LDF is an annual event that aims to, as the title suggests, celebrate creativity and all things design. The week-long festival takes place in London towards the end of September and is considered one of the world’s leading design-related events.

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Brandenburger Tor

Hallo, Hallo!
Wie geht’s?
After a frosty morning of constant shivering, two packs of peanuts and one hour on a plane I am back home again.
I am using the word ‘again’, because the last few days I spent with a friend of mine enjoying the city of Berlin. Our trip had started on Wednesday and lasted until earlier today. And as it’s only been few hours that we left the German’s capital, the city is still very much on my mind. Therefore, I’m turning this into a productive afternoon and using my Berlin-occupied brain to write a new blog post. So, here we go: A little taste of Berlin from me to you.

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Still Life in Real Life

Hello friends!
After a little introductory article yesterday, I decided to kick off the blog with a travel themed post, as voyaging and exploring the unknown are some of my absolute favourite things to do! The photographs shown below are a small fraction of my wild Swedish venture I was on over the summer.

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