Look Around and Wander

If you find yourself in Rotterdam with couple hours to spare and are seeking something to do with yourself, here are some off-the-beaten-path ideas on discovering the more alternative side of this vibrant city.

Rotterdam is a lively city bursting with young energy and culture. A great place to experience just this is Witte de Withstraat. Known for its relaxed vibe, the street is a favorite of locals and travelers alike. It is brimming with everything from delicious street food and laid-back bars to cools little shops and art galleries.

To see the boulevard in its full glory time your visit for evening.


Streets surrounding Witte de Withstraat are a visual paradise for anyone who is a fan of urban art.

A Girl In A Hat

 At the Nieuwe Binnenweg (about 15 minutes walk from Witte de Withstraat) you can find a door with a quite unique visage. Sticker door, as the locals call it, received attention in early 2000s when it turned into a hotspot for stickers. Since then, the door had different layers and its existence was challenged. But not even a cleaning policy established by the city didn’t prevent people from placing more and more stickers on top of the door.

Unfortunately, around two years ago the original sticker had been replaced by a new version. The current placement or condition of the original door is unclear. Some speculate that it has been removed and taken to museum in Brussels, others believe it is in possession of a collector or simply had been demolished at some point.


On your way to see Sticker door you can spot Mr Merida on a side street walking down the Witte de Withstraat. It is a mural created by a Rotterdam-based artist Tymon.

A Man In A Hat


Toying around with paintbrushes, shapes and perspectives, Daan Botlek created Principles of Organization. The title of this work is derived from the process of producing the piece, when Botlek was faced with number of challenges such as the wavy metal facade.



With a motto ‘the bigger the better’ a Dutch art formation Bier en Broot creates large, yet incredibly detailed black-and-white mural works like this one.

On The Phone



Night Light

Rotterdam as well as its streetart scene has many more surprises up its sleeve and if you decide to venture further in their direction, I recommend checking out Rewriters - an app that let you discover all their hidden streetart gems. It offers a 7km long trail with over 25 different stops you can uncover to learn more about urban art in Holland’s second largest city.


Love, Barbara